Material Supply

Leveraging our expertise and extensive network of suppliers worldwide, KAEFER is able to offer a full range of materials across our key disciplines including insulation & cladding, refractory and protective coatings. We have a number of fit-for-purpose warehouse and workshop facilities across the Asia-Pacific region to support this capability. 

We offer material supply across the following

  • Insulation materials – mineral / rock wool, cellular glass, calcium silicate, ceramic fibre, aluminium silicate, Aerogel products.
  • Automated fabrication of Aerogel and flat insulation materials.
  • Insulation ancillary materials.
  • Cladding sheetwork – aluminium, stainless steel and galvanised sheet.
  • Personnel protection insulation.
  • Acoustic insulation.
  • Prefabrication of insulation & cladding components into ‘kits’ ready for site installation.
  • Pre-engineered insulation mattresses.
  • Passive fire protection – cementitious and intumescent epoxy coatings.
  • Refractory materials – monolithic, bricks / shaped, ceramic fiber products, ceramic products and metallic / refractory anchors.
  • Protective coatings – single component enamels, two-pack epoxies, polyurethanes and high-performance plural component elastomers.
  • Glass reinforced epoxy (GRE) piping.
  • Material selection technical advice.
Delivering across full asset lifecycles, from construction to asset integrity, maintenance & shutdowns.
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