Inspection Services

KAEFER Insulated Pipe Scan (KIPS) is a portable, real-time radiographic imaging system that scans through insulation to determine the condition of underlying pipes.

KIPS captures video and images that highlight problems associated with pipes (i.e. corrosion under insulation, moisture and ice). Results are recorded in real-time, allowing instant analysis.

The system provides a fast, accurate condition analysis of insulated pipe without the need to remove cladding or insulation. This results in significant cost savings – by minimising the time taken to identify issues with the pipe, remediation works can be performed sooner.

KIPS allows rapid testing of insulated piping, covering up to 200m per day. The system can be used on pipes ranging from 20mm – 1,200mm, with insulation ranging from 10mm – 150mm. The system can be used on insulated pipes with temperatures ranging from -200oC to 700oC.

KIPS can be used on a wide range of insulation materials, including fibreglass, mineral wool, closed & open cell foam injection, PUR & PIR and acoustic barriers as well as fireproofing materials such as asbestos, Chartek and FENDOLITE.

The portability of the system enables pipes in any location to be tested using rope access.

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