KAEFER in Indonesia

KAEFER’s history in Indonesia dates back to 1993, with the establishment of Prostar Marine in Batam. Prostar Marine specialised in providing passive fire protection services for major module yard projects in the Batam region. Prostar Marine was re-named PT Prostar in 2006.

The KAEFER Group acquired PT Prostar in 2016, forming KAEFER’s current business unit in Indonesia, PT KAEFER. The acquisition combined Prostar Marine’s local expertise in passive fire protection works with the KAEFER Group’s global expertise in complementary services spanning insulation & cladding, surface protection and refractory.

PT KAEFER today provides multidisciplinary services for major projects, module yard works and maintenance contracts across Indonesia, with permanent branches in Batam and Jakarta. PT KAEFER’s management systems are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

Batam Branch

Jl. Bawal No.11, Batu Merah Industrial Park
Batu Merah Batam 29432

Phone: +62 778 411305

Jakarta Branch

Arkadia Green Park Office Estate, Tower C Floor 8th Suite 803
Jl. Let. Jend. TB Simatupang, Kav.88, Jakarta Selatan 12520
Phone: +62 778 411305


Kristoff Tan – General Manager
Email: Kristoff.Tan@kaefer.com

Maryoto Rachmat – Country Manager (Jakarta)
Email: Maryoto.Rachmat@kaefer.com

David Wong – Country Manager (Batam)
Email: David.Wong@kaefer.com

Delivering across full asset lifecycles, from construction to asset integrity, maintenance & shutdowns.
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