We are KAEFER.

The sheer di­versity not only of our di­vi­sions, in­dus­tries and pro­jects, but also of our multinational and mul­ti­tal­en­ted employees makes KAEFER an exciting place to work and grow. But don’t just take our word for it. Our people are our greatest as­set as well as our greatest pro­ponents.

Christopher Kelly Anak Padang, Malaysia

“My experience at KAEFER has been invaluable and I enjoy learning new things every day.”

Christopher, Fabrication Supervisor at KAEFER in Malaysia.

Christopher has been working with KAEFER for 11 years as a Fabrication Supervisor in Malaysia. Throughout his time he has been exposed to a range of workshop projects and he has enjoyed embracing the varied challenges that come with these.

Vo Huu Hieu, Vietnam

“My time at KAEFER has given me the opportunity to gain a vast amount of knowledge.”

Hieu, Technical Manager at KAEFER Engineering, Vietnam

Hieu has been with KAEFER in Vietnam since 2003. He has enjoyed the opportunity to work across a wide range of infrastructure, which encourages him to continue to develop better insulation solutions for KAEFER’s work.

Lili­ane Pereira Matos, Brazil

“KAEFER is ethical and traditional, yet forward-thinking and progressive at the same time.”

Liliane, Communications and Marketing Supervisor at RIP Serviços Industriais in Brazil

For Lili­ane, it’s pas­sion that drives success, which is why she joined KAEFER and most im­port­antly, why she stayed. Part of it also comes from the international nature of the job and it’s get­ting to know other cultures and real­it­ies that drives Liliane for­ward.

Damian Cup & Krzysztof Sarad, Poland

Proving ourselves. By taking the championship.

Damian and Krzysztof, Industrial Insulators at KAEFER SA in Poland

You could call Damian and Krzysztof a winning combination – both young men competed in the Insulation Apprentice Championship in 2016 and won. Not just on a national level, but on a European level as well. Thanks to KAE­FER’s fos­ter­ing of new tal­ent, they took the les­sons they learned and applied them to make the most of their education and training.

Mary­mol Yujin, United Arab Emirates

“It’s great to be able to rely on such a dedicated and resourceful team unconditionally.”

Marymol, Team Leader Software Development at KAEFER in the UAE

The one thing that makes KAEFER different for Marymol is how the company recognises and promotes tal­en­ted people. That’s why Mary­mol was able to im­ple­ment Enterprise Resource Planning in the UAE so effectively – it was a team ef­fort, with every mem­ber’s skills be­ing util­ised in the best possible way.

Kasimir Kovasin, Finland

Every project is one of a kind. And every one has its own challenges.

Kasimir, Project Manager at KAEFER in Finland

Most people would think Italy would be a nice place to be in early spring. Kasimir thought so. But while working on a shipbuilding pro­ject there, he had to battle storms, wind and snow while coordinating over 100 people to get the job done. Kasimir did – much to the sat­is­fac­tion of the clients.

Fran­cisca Gorgodian, Germany

“The opportunities are there. You just have to open your eyes and grab them.”

Francisca, Head of Corporate Responsibility & Communication at KAEFER Headquarters

Fran­cisca has been with KAEFER for over 15 years. In that time, she’s worked in Argentina, Aus­tralia, Mex­ico and now Germany. It was the opportunity to work in different roles as well as in dif­fer­ent countries that’s made the job so fas­cin­at­ing for her. And she’s look­ing for­ward to tak­ing the next one.

Ro­gerio Be­luci, Brazil

Working at KAEFER is my way of life.

Rogerio, HSE Manager at RIP Serviços Industriais in Brazil

Ro­gerio genu­inely loves what he does in Integrated Man­age­ment. For over 17 years, he has en­joyed KAEFER’s dy­nam­ism, agil­ity, flex­ib­il­ity and commitment to work­ing together as a team – without borders. These are all at­trib­utes he would use to describe himself as well, which is why he feels like it’s such a good fit.

Silvia Sempere Sancho, Belgium

“I’ve grown a great deal thanks to facing new situations and looking at them in different ways.”

Silvia, scaffold engineer at KAEFER in Belgium

Some­times it’s hard to be a wo­man. Espcially in the male-dom­in­ated construction sec­tor. But Silvia found that by be­ing a professional through and through and taking re­spons­ib­il­ity, the few people that may have doubted her no longer did. KAE­FER’s cul­ture of ‘togetherness’ helped Silvia realise her full po­ten­tial and grow as an individual and employee.

Marco Haase, Germany

When I finished my apprenticeship, I was given a road atlas. I had no idea why. Four days later I was sent to work around the country. Now I know why.

Marco, Project Manager at KAEFER Construction in Germany

Wer­der Bre­men fan Marco works everywhere in Germany. As a pro­ject manager, he makes sure that even the most time-crit­ical and qual­ity-sensitive projects are completed to the satisfaction of KAEFER clients. And he loves being on the road as much as he did the first day with his at­las in hand.

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