World Environment Day 2022

Only One Earth

In honor of this year’s World Environment Day today, we asked KAEFER employees all over the globe to describe the Earth in one word to raise awareness, since there is Only One Earth.

The responses show the value of the planet to our colleagues worldwide. For many, the Earth represents our home. Just like any other home we must take care of it and do our best to preserve its resources.

For this reason, we will be supporting to The Ocean Cleanup initiative, which tackles the problem of plastic pollution in the ocean – a home to many organisms on Earth.

We invite everyone to support our donation to The Ocean CleanUp with a contribution. Even a small donation can help to make a change. Please see details below:

IBAN DE62 2907 0050 0169 0049 00

We appreciate every contribution!

For more information on the KAEFER FOUNDATION please follow the link below:

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